Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy (belated) Mother's Day...

It has been awhile since there was a new post, mainly due to a visit from my best friend Dawn, who was here to meet Tate all the way from Washington, D.C. You can read about some of our adventures here and here, but in the meantime, I want to wish everyone a happy belated Mother's Day! Hope yours was special. Mine was. Woke up to breakfast cooked by Zach (and lovingly monitored by this little guy), and then the three of us spent the day wondering through downtown Portland with Dawn. We drank wine, had a fantastic lunch, shopped, drank champagne and had dessert. All in all a very satisfying and special Mother's Day. And Zach (and Tate, of course) got me a lovely gift- a handmade burl bowl by Portland artist Paul Rasmussen. It is something I have long coveted and looks fantastic on our dining room table. Don't you think?
Also, I have started a box of things I think I will want in the future for Tate's life. So that when I see things now, I can go ahead and buy them, put them in the bin, and then use them when the time comes (instead of the time coming, and then thinking "gosh, now that it's time, I can't find the perfect -'blank'- when I finally need it"). The first thing I bought was three packs of these paper straws, one in red, yellow and blue. I think they will be perfect for a future little boy birthday party: And when we were out shopping, I stumbled across these:
I was so inspired by these little envelopes by That Sky Blue. Instead of the typical tooth pillow, the idea of putting the tooth under a regular pillow and having it replaced with these little letterpress envelopes filled with a dollar is so sweet. These were expensive ($16 for 6), and after some frantic searching on Dawn's phone, we realized we would need at least 4 packets in order to accomodate all the teeth Tate will end up losing, so I think I am going to use them for inspiration. But a great find nonetheless!

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