Monday, May 17, 2010

Home is where the heart is

photo via dwell Lately a lot of friends have been buying new homes, most notably good friends Ben and Andrea. Their home is adorable- bright periwinkle with amazing hardwood floors, smack dab in Portland. We are in the planning stages of their housewarming party now, so more to come on that soon. But their new home purchase has had me thinking about housewarming gifts. Previous housewarming gifts have included peonies from Klehm's Song Sparrow , and I was so happy with the quality. We had peonies in our wedding and they are officially one of my favorite flowers. (On an aside, weren't the peony bouquets at our wedding, designed by florist and event designer R. Jack Balthazar, gorgeous?): I have also gifted roses from Heirloom Roses, which is only about 40 minutes from our house and has the most amazing show garden. Truly, if you are ever in Oregon during rose season, it is worth a visit. I love the idea of giving plants as housewarming gifts ever since Zach and I were gifted with a Julia Child rose when we moved into our home. I thought it was such a thoughtful gift; the sentiment of the gift-giver was that she had selected that particular rose since we love to cook, and the roses truly are the color of butter: The Heirloom Rose website is fantastic because you can search roses by name, so you can find something that truly represents the people you are giving it to. The other great thing about flowers as gifts- in addition to being meaningful, they are really, really affordable. That said, for Ben and Andrea I wanted something a little different. I decided on these calligraphy return labels from The Stationary Studio: They have so many different styles. I also gifted my sister and brother-in-law with something similar a few years ago. How about you, friends? Any particular housewarming gifts that you love to give?

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