Thursday, October 14, 2010


Anyone who knows me can tell you that I hate Halloween. Mostly because I hate costumes. I never seem to have a good costume idea... and I hate the idea of spending money on an outfit I am going to wear once (I mean, seriously, I don't even have enough outfits to wear to work, not to mention buying one made up of Goodwill castoffs to wear for just one night- sheesh). But now we have Tate. And it was strange, a few weeks ago, when I was walking through Target and had an irresistible pull towards some Halloween decor. I suddenly found myself thinking "Janelle, you are a mom now. And mom's decorate the house for Halloween. It is fun" in a very firm inner voice .
I have not succumbed yet, though, and until Tate is old enough to really understand, I think I will stick with my "embrace-fall-reject-Halloween" philosophy (because I really do love fall. Pumpkins and gourds and caramel apples are a staple in our home).
However. We have just been invited to a Halloween party. And not just any party- a Halloween party hosted by our friend Sara and Adam's seven year old son, Eli!! How cute is this? He is seven! And hosting a party! How could we say no?
Which brings me to my current dilemma. Because, friends, it is a costume party. Under normal circumstances, I would just not dress up. But need I remind you that this party is being hosted by a seven year old? And what kind of person would I be to not dress up at his request? So I am stuck.
I have not yet resolved my personal costume dilemma, so instead have decided to focus on Tate's. Instead of a full-blown costume, I was thinking of going with a hat. It fits my sensibilities and is still festive (right?). I was ecstatic when I found these handmade ones from sweetpeatoadtots. Adorable, right?
Brown bear. Little black lamb (or, if you prefer and have a sense of humor, black sheep...)
I think they are so sweet (and how cute is the baby model?). Sadly for me, they are made to order so if I ordered one now, it wouldn't make it by the party.
Sigh. Back to square one.
Any ideas?


  1. Hi Janelle! Thank you for blogging about my hats! I'm so honored.

  2. Those hats are amazing! But what you call "Halloween," I call "Tuesday" -- I just bought Annie a kitty cat hat yesterday, with no thought of Halloween at all. While not nearly as amazing as the hats you find, Annie's is a mass market version of the same vein of cuteness, found at Baby Gap. THey have all sorts of animals online, so if you want to get Tate a cute hat-costume in a hurry, you could try there.

  3. That lion hate is perfect for Tate! Ordering deadlines, darn you!!