Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smart Elephant Art

Smart Elephant Vintage Framed Art Print
Remember the yellow striped ceiling and print I recently bought for Baby #2's nursery?  I saw this piece by Sugarboo Designs today and fell in love.  I was one second (literally, one second) away from buying it, before I realized that I was running late for a meeting.  So I left it behind. BUT it is still on my mind, and I may just end up with it sooner or later.

Also. Apparently, the last yellow-striped-ceiling post created speculation that Zach and I were expecting Baby #2.  Not so.  Although that will be a fun and celebratory event when it happens.

Excitingly enough, however, we are expecting  a new baby niece.  My sister is pregnant!  And its a girl!  This is ridiculously exciting because it means that I can officially begin buying adorable girl clothes.

P.S.  I could seriously buy almost everything at Sugarboo Designs.  Seriously.  Go check it out.

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