Friday, July 16, 2010

Ex Libris

You may remember the gorgeous bring-a-book baby shower thrown for me by Andrea. It was lovely. The shower itself was the proverbial cake- the fact that it was a bring-a-book shower was the icing on the cake- and the gift that Andrea brought Tate a few weeks after he was born was the cherry on the icing on the cake. I have been waiting to share it with you until I got some good pictures, which I think I have officially done, so now you can all hurry out to buy your own bookplate stamp by AsspocketProductions.
Isn't it adorable?
This is such a great gift, completely affordable and completely personalized. Asspocket does such a fantastic job of offering many different designs so that you can choose something that fits the person you are gifting it to, and I am so happy with the quality of the stamp, and the old-fashioned, post-office-stamp quality of the big wooden handle. It makes me happy just holding it.
Also related to books, the long-awaited bookshelves finally arrived! Two big boxes met me at the door yesterday. Zach was kind enough to build one bookcase for me after dinner so I could tell what they would like, and I am so happy with them. I will post pics soon, but they accomplish just what I wanted, which is to make the books look so colorful and so appealing. Tate won't be able to help being drawn in by them.

And in other news- could Zach's strawberry rhubarb pie look any more delicious? Mmmm...

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