Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the Land of the Living

I am back in the land of the living. Kind of. Well, I at least have one foot in, after a 9:00 am Sunday call to my primary care physician in which I almost wept as I begged for a new prescription, a Tuesday afternoon CT scan (which was surprisingly fascinating, and in which I had a really fun conversation with the tech who laughed when I said it was "just like House except that I didn't start bleeding from the eyes in the machine"), untold boxes of Kleenex and cough drops, and a few days napping. I can officially function again. In recent news, Zach's mom spent two weeks visiting and getting to know Tate, which was a great time all-around, but the particular highlights center, as always, around window shopping (and sometimes not window shopping, if you know what I mean) in downtown Portland. One of my favorite things we found (and that LaVonne promptly gifted us with) was the most adorable wall art by eeBoo. It turns out that eeBoo is a a boutique toy manufacturer that specializes in useful, beautiful and well-made educational games and gifts. But at the time we bought the wall art, I had no idea all the beautiful things eeBoo made. I just knew I loved the Counting Birds wall cards. Basically, it is a series of 8x10 counting "flashcards", as it were, that you can then hang. We don't have much wall space in Tate's room left, but I am determined to find a spot to hang these. I love them so much. Not only because of the gorgeous colors, but also the biological accuracy (the two cardinals aren't both red! There's clearly a red male and a not-so-red female!). As LaVonne and I flipped through them, counting "one robin", "two cardinals", "three mourning doves" and so on, we commented on how it would be great if they included chickadees. By the time we got to nine warblers, we had pretty much resigned ourselves to there being no chickadees in the bunch. But lo and behold... ten chickadees! So perfect, isn't it?
When I looked into the rest of eeBoo's offerings, I was equally impressed. From whimiscal world maps to flying paper birds, there was much to covet. I was even inspired by the whimsy of their office space.
The only thing I am left pondering is "why eeBoo"? What could eeBoo possibly stand for? I looked through the 'About Us' section of their website (and their website is adorable too, by the way, so worth checking out) but couldn't find an answer. So I am left to wonder.

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