Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Middle Kingdom (and Manor is online!)

You all know about my love for Manor Fine Wares, perhaps my favorite home store in Portland (not only for their excellent products but also because the owners are so nice- they make it a pleasure to shop there).  When Lissa was visiting, she spotted these beautiful bowls from Middle Kingdom.
I love these bowls for so many reasons.  The colors are beautiful and so fresh, and the contrasting tones on the inside and outside make for a striking display.  The porcelain is thin and fine.  The shape is utterly practical and yet completely feminine.  They are a modern representation of traditional Chinese porcelain.  (Also, they are really reasonably priced).

I have already given sets of nesting bowls as gifts, most often to celebrate a wedding, and they have been so well-received. 

You can now buy them online from Manor, since (happy day!) Manor now has an online shop!  It has been months in coming, and I have already spent too much time perusing their wares.  As if I didn't spend enough time physically in the shop, I now find myself wiling away the hours dreaming about which bed linens I should buy...

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