Wednesday, June 29, 2011

La Chamba Cookware

Can you ever go home again?  I ask myself this question every time Zach and I venture back to our hometown, Half Moon Bay in Northern California.  We were there for the last week, and it is odd how many things have stayed the same.  The pace of life... the way you inevitably see people you know every time you go to the grocery store... and the foggy June weather.

But one thing has changed, and that is the addition of an amazing kitchen shop called Toque Blanche on Main Street.  Zach and I could have stayed in there for hours, but in our cursory walk-through, I fell in love.

Do you believe in fate?  If so, then I am meant to own this chicken pot:
I first saw the La Chamba cookware at Toque Blanche.  I promptly fell in love with it.  It feels so organic.  The look of it is deceiving because it is much lighter than it appears.  Also, it can be used in the oven, on the stovetop, in the microwave, and it is so gorgeous it can go straight to the table.  Aren't all the pieces so beautiful?

But I resisted. I didn't buy the chicken pot.

And then... the next day... in a different store, in a different city, I saw the chicken pot again.  It was like fate.  Twice in two days.

Alas, the sales-tax-free nature of Oregon has ruined me for shopping California.  I couldn't bring myself to pay the extra 10% in tax, so I returned home.  Chicken-pot-less. 

I am still thinking about La Chamba.

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  1. I ordered a small casserole from Mytoque online. I really love the pot. It is incredible how the contents keep boiling for a few minutes after you turn off the heat. If you can't afford the chicken, it is worth getting one of the other pieces. The small casserole is big enough to cook a cut up chicken in. Get one! There is no sales tax online, but I did have to pay 13 dollars shipping for a 50 dollar pot. If you can get it in person, take advantage!