Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm Back!

Summer is both here and over.  Zach goes back to work on Monday, which means its officially over.  But we've been running in fountains and eating sweet corn as if it just arrived.  Sigh. 
The daily grind has been... well, a bit of a grind around here lately.  We are laying in wait for my little niece (we have the special bottle of wine ready to uncork when she arrives).  We are laying in wait for some other big news.  And at the end of the day, I think to myself "when, when, did I get so many responsbilities?"  They just keep piling up.

Perhaps that is why I have been reluctant to post.  I haven't felt inspired.  Until two things happened.  First, I went to coffee this morning with Andrea, who always centers me and makes me feel unconditionally loved the way best friends do.  And second, she bought Tate the most adorable platypus ever from i golfinni della nonna

I mean, who could not want to post this little guy? 
We've named him "Hoyt" in honor of the Hoyt Arboretum where Andrea and I meet up to go walking so often.

These hand-knit stuffed animals and toys are made from alpaca and so ridiculously soft and cute.  They are absolutely worth checking out- I would have loved receiving one for Tate at my baby shower.

So I think that I am officially back.  I have stored up all kinds of beautiful and inspirational things to share with you.  And in the meantime, I will leave you with "Tate: Summer 2011" (I couldn't help myself.  I mean, really.  Look at this face...)
Ok, this big guy is pretty cute too, huh ladies?

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