Sunday, August 28, 2011

Terrafirma Ceramics (and a disclaimer)

So.  I was super excited to share Terrafirma Ceramics with you.  I stumbled upon one of their pieces in person, and instantly fell in love.  You can imagine my disappointment, then, when I went to their website and found their photos... well, disappointingly bad (is it wrong to say that?).  It's just that the photographs so don't do justice to these pieces, which are heavy and somehow both smooth and rough and really quite stunning. 

I also think its too bad that almost all the photos show collections, as opposed to singular pieces.  As a collection, sometimes I think this style of ceramic can be a little much.  But individually... oh wow!  They are beautiful, especially the modern, geometric prints.

So there it is.  My disclaimer.  That the following pictures in no way do justice to the actual pieces.  They are weighty, and full of texture and so clean.  I love them.  But here's hoping you at least catch a glimmer of what makes them so beautiful- I have tried to pull the pictures that most convey what I love about them in person.
P.S.  What these pictures don't show is the underside of the pieces, which are unglazed and rough and really rustic, in direct contrast to the shiny, modern ceramic top.

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