Monday, January 23, 2012

The Year of the Rabbit: Celebrating Margot Part I

Today is the first day in the Year of the Dragon.  Which made me think, predictably, about the Year of the Rabbit.  Last year, to be exact.  The Year of the Rabbit is particularly special because it was the year my little niece Margot was born.  And because her dad is Chinese, we went with a (loose) Year of the Rabbit theme for my sister's baby shower.  Although it was months ago now (Margot is about to start eating solid food!), I still love the details of this party enough to share them.

I think it is a fine line to walk when you are planning a baby shower (from a distance!) based around a theme like the Year of the Rabbit.  How to be focused but not cheesy?  How to reference the theme without beating the proverbial dead horse (or, as the case may be, the dead rabbit)?  I am pleased to say I think we struck the perfect note with Margot's shower.

Because red is not only lucky in Chinese culture, but also my sister's favorite color, we felt that we had to go with red for the shower.  Beginning with the invitations, I wanted the feel to be fresh and modern and clean and not stereotypical.   I was so pleased to work with edencreativestudio on the invitations:
With red and gray and rounded corners  and a sweet reference to a "little dumpling", I thought the invitations set the perfect tone.

The Rabbit theme continued, albeit subtly, at the event itself.  Beginning with Zach's amazing origami rabbits, which he lovingly folded for me in advance of the party and which I carried on the plane in order to prevent crushing.  Aren't they both so sophisticated and so sweet?
We put one at each place setting for a welcoming touch.

Speaking of place settings, we ended up going with simple, silver-rimmed white chine.  Very traditional but still very clean, we "fancied" up a white tablecloth with three wide grosgrain red ribbons.   The finishing touch for the table was a runner of centerpieces that also served as favors for all the guests.  Remember  Middle Kingdom?  My sister loves their pottery, so we bought each guest a small reddish-orange Middle Kingdom jar.  We took them to a local florist who crafted utterly beautiful and really modern centerpieces for us (and each centerpiece was only $6!  Such a steal!).  Single dahlia blooms, moss and puffballs of bright green were the perfect fresh touch.
Stay tuned for more details, including the menu and the activities!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Wow. Love those favors. My landscape architect sister-in-law would go nuts for those.

  3. I just showed your beautiful table to Jay, and we agreed that you are amazingly talented . . . (relatively) simple elements, assembled so elegantly for such a beautiful, modern table. You're an artist!