Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tate's Birthday

I feel like April is the beginning of this intense and crazy cycle of celebrations. This starts with a scramble to get Easter baskets packed and eggs dyed, and somehow Tate's birthday inevitably sneaks up on me. Add to that some crazy work-related stresses, and the past week has been intense.

But luckily, and most importantly, and with no reservations and a great deal of excitement, we got to celebrate this kid yesterday:
Who is FIVE. Five! Can you believe it? He is completely, totally, officially a kid. Not a little boy. A kid.

He's a kid who is incredibly tender-hearted and loving. Possibly the best big brother ever. He is a kid who asked for "chicken and rice" for his birthday dinner, and who wanted to take a long ride on his bike as part of his birthday celebration. He orders for himself at Starbucks and knows what a mammal is and teaches me about the important of kindness literally every day.

Oh Tate. How we love you so.

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