Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Best Boys Shoes: See Kai Run

This week has been so, so great. Not only is my mom here, but the weather has finally turned, and we've had two (two!) days above 70 degrees. The boys have been playing outside... the daffodils are in bloom... and life just feels easier and better and happier and brighter. Coming home on a sunny day to a glass of chilled white wine and sitting on the stoop watching your little ones play in the front yard is quite possibly the best way to spend an evening. It's been very happy-making.

Add to this that Zach and I leave for Jamaica tomorrow (what? I haven't told you we're taking a trip to Jamaica?), and the anticipation of having uninterrupted alone time, long stretches of beach, rum-based cocktails and big feathery beds, all with endless opportunities to have long conversations, and I am one happy camper.

As the weather has turned, it became quite obvious that my boys were in need of some new shoes. But the truth is this: My boys have wide feet. Wide enough that it can be very, very challenging to find shoes to fit them. Which is why I am always on the lookout for good-looking shoes that fit.

Since Tate was little, I've been a huge fan of See Kai Run. I find their shoes to be adorably boyish with great-looking details, bright colors, and best of all- they are wide!

This weekend, we bought Ames the most adorable pair of bright red See Kai Run sneakers.
I love the striped lining and the gray accents, the wide and rounded rubber toe. I normally don't love the look of velcro shoes, but I think these are designed so well. Don't they look cute on Ames? His little feet and chubby ankles are just too much, aren't they?
We also bought him a pair of the brown Jude sandals, perfect for more sunny days to come.
I have a few things planned to share with you next week while we're in Jamaica, and will be sharing our trip on Instagram- be sure to follow along for photos of white beaches and blue water!

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