Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy housewarming!

Our amazing friends Ben and Andrea just bought a new house, and as part of our gift to them, we wanted to throw them a housewarming party. So last Sunday, I packed up my kitchen and hauled it all to Andrea's at 6 in the morning and we flew around organizing and setting up and fluffing tissue paper flowers and all in all making a wonderfully festive and celebratory housewarming party. And even the weather cooperated- it was the first truly sunny and gorgeous day of the year so far, perfect for an outdoor brunch. Ben and Andrea (but especially Ben) are big Bloody Mary fans, which is what led to the decision to host a brunch event. Also the fact that at housewarmings, of course everyone wants to see the house, and it is easier to ooh and aah over paint colors and furniture layout in daylight. So brunch it was! Drinks centered around a Bloody Mary bar, something I haven't done before but will do again, since I thought it looked beautiful and the guests seemed to have a great time making their own garnishes. It all started with jalepeno infused vodka, accompanied by a buffet of sorts for all the different skewer options: olives and onions and pickled asparagus and pickled green beans and beef jerky...
We also had mimosas, and lemonade (with bright yellow straws!) for the non-drinkers.
As far as food goes, I made egg strata, potatoes, muffins, cookies, a bagel and lox platter, yogurt and granola parfaits... it was an impressive spread, if I do say so myself, and it was all topped off with colorful, pop-art donuts from Portland institution VooDoo Donuts.
It was a beautiful day and I was so glad to celebrate with Ben and Andrea. Their home is officially warmed... Cheers!


  1. 1. You are a goddess. I'm amazed I know you.

    2. Did you and Zach infuse the vodka (if so, more info please), or did you get it from an amazing small distillery, a la Hangar One?

    3. I've wanted to go to VooDoo Donuts for awhile, fyi. (In Seattle I visited Top Pot Donuts, and I won't tell you how many I consumed over only two days.)

    4. Flew around! So adorable.

    5. I mentioned the Hangar One specifically because it's one of the many reasons I'm proud of my small little town. Their kaffir lime vodka is out of control, and I really want to try their chipotle vodka.

  2. Hey Brig,

    Actually, we did the the jalapeno infused vodka ourselves from a recipe... it involved a jalapeno (duh), cloves of garlic, pepper, and orange and lemon zest... It was yummy. The nice thing was that it just infused for 24 hours, so you don't need to start the process like 2 weeks in advance or anything like that.

    Email if you want the exact recipe!


  3. Janelle, everything about the party looks gorgeous, but I'm especially impressed by the tissue paper flowers -- did you make them? Are they from a kit? I am foreseeing something similar at the Birthday Prom we are contemplating to celebrate my 30th ...


  4. Yes, from a kit! Martha Stewart at Michael's.