Monday, June 14, 2010

Tate is 2 months old!

As promised, I wanted to post Tate's two month old picture in the orange chair. I have to admit that sadly, month one's pic debacle (ie: blurry pics, me not being sure where I wanted the chair, and trying to snap the picture before Tate tipped over) have really thrown a kink in the aesthetic of the whole thing. This month went much better, but unfortunately, the pictures don't line up or really "feel" the same. But that said, I imagine that it will be less noticeable as each month goes by, and I figure this is a great learning experience for baby #2. Plus, it does accomplish what I wanted it to, which is mainly showing how much he is growing. Can you believe it?
Here are just a few of the things Tate is good at now that he is two months old:
- smiling at us!
- yawning crookedly
- holding his fists in front of his mouth when he's really hungry
- sounding like a baby dinosaur
- glancing at us sidedways from half-closed eyes
- sleeping through the night! (well, he's not good at it yet, but he's doing it some of the time)
- splashing the water out of the bathtub
- generally looking adorable

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