Friday, November 19, 2010

Genius Jan Eleni Collage

Dawn and I have an ongoing argument about her love and my hate (is hate too strong a word? I think it is. maybe more dislike) for Gwyneth Paltrow. While I can admire Gwyneth's talent, I generally feel that she is not someone I would want to be friends with in real life. For some reason, she comes across as austere, and a little cold, and for some reason, not too friendly. An ice princess, as it were. However, I do admit to loving her lifestyle site, Goop. I find all manner of good (albeit ridiculously expensive) ideas over there. But never have I been inspired to post about any of them, because sometimes they feel fairly, I don't know, overpriced and ordinary. For example, her recent recommendation of Louis Vuitton luggage. LV luggage seems so done, doesn't it? (Can I also add that sometimes I roll my eyes when I read her posts about things like "Overcoming Sugar Addiction"? Please.). However, I was reading her newest holiday gift guide, and I fell in love. Hard. So hard, in fact, that I am going to begin saving now for when Tate is maybe 10 years old and I can finally buy this for his bedroom. Or my bedroom. Designer (and genius) Jan Eleni creates a collage composed of shrunken images of your child's artwork. I love this idea so much. Nevermind that it is ridiculously expensive (think $1500 for 112 images, although I am sure you creative types could figure out how to do it cheaper). To me it seems so worth it. I would keep it forever. I can see myself on his first night in college, sitting in my room staring at his art and crying a little cry about how grown up he is. And then, Tate could have it. Between this and his pirate ship, his 30-something bachelor pad is going to be pretty awesome.

Not to mention that this is so pleasing to my hate-clutter-and-throw-away-all-random-looking-papers-even-if-it-turns-out-Zach-was-saving-them-and-they-were-important self.


  1. Expensive, yes. But I support this purchase, as it is both the ultimate in both love and efficiency. This is a higher-holy place than the fridge, and the top 112 of a lifetime of childhood art...what a great gift for you and for Tate. Although it's in a prior post, the hair prints are gorgeous AND erotic. What to do about girls with no hair? Maybe it makes the small freckle on the back of the neck even more sexy? (sigh)

  2. I so wish I had known about this five years ago when my nephew first started making me drawings of robots at war with jet planes. So sad that those are unnecessarily lost forever.

    I've never been totally sure how to feel about Gwyneth, though I was completely won over by her cornball guest star on last week's Glee.