Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wean Cubes

Tate is eating real food! It is so, so, so much fun. We jumped right in with miso soup and Zach's beef stew and avocado and pears and artichoke and broccoli and peas... the list goes on and on. It is amazing watching how quickly Tate learns. Just 3 weeks ago, he didn't even know what to do with the spoon. Now he opens his mouth like a little bird. It is adorable.
So although I like to think that we are laid-back parents, we are very serious when it comes to food. I think this is perhaps our one parenting hang-up. Obviously, we have not gone the whole one-food-at-a-time route (this seemed a little hypersensitive to us, because allergies don't run in the family and we wanted Tate to get used to eating flavorful food- he just tried garlic mashed potatoes tonight and loved it), but we are very very conscious of giving him organic food, and avoiding putting or storing his food in plastic.
Which makes the whole "freeze the food in the ice cube tray" not really an option for us.
So I have been searching for an alternative, and recently stumbled across the Wean Cubes. I am really excited about them. They are made of glass that can withstand both heat and freezing, and have lids that seem sturdy (plastic yes, but hopefully not much contact with the food itself). We just ordered two sets a few days ago. Can't wait to report back on how they work!
P.S. I was recently asked if I am ever compensated for writing about certain products. I am not. I genuinely like (and sometimes buy myself) all the things I write about it. This way, when something doesn't work, like my Timi & Leslie bag that I loved, which is falling apart after just 4 months, I don't feel guilty. Because I can tell you the truth without feeling like it is a conflict of interest. Occasionally, some of the companies I write nice things about send me something for free. But I have never solicited anything. I think it is because the owners are just nice people. Whew- glad we got all that out of the way.


  1. Those are cute - but pricey! Pyrex is cheaper and the same idea . . . glass w/ plastic lids.

  2. @mama2reese: You are so right in that I probably could use pyrex and it would be less expensive. But alas, much to Zach's chagrin, I never really do things the cheaper way. Because then they wouldn't have the adorable, bright-colored snap on lids. Or the cute name. Or the disposable seed packet instructions that come tucked in the box.

    I am loving my Wean Cubes so far!