Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guest Room Goodies

Zach and I make it a habit to always have homemade cookie dough in the freezer. It has saved us many a-time. Forgotten potluck? Bake some cookies. Visitors coming to see the baby? Bake some cookies. I think there are so many good reasons to always have cookie dough in your freezer (not the least of which is when, if you are up in the middle of the night nursing a newborn and suddenly need some chocolate, you can just grab some frozen cookis dough. Mmmmm...). This week it came in handy when we found out, happily, that Melissa and Jay and baby Annie (2 months younger than Tate and almost 10 lbs. smaller- she is so dainty and girlie!) were coming to stay over on Tuesday night. It was a quick stopover on their way to Thanksgiving dinner- they would get to the house around 10:30 on Tuesday night and leave early Wednesday morning. They had a five hour drive ahead of them on Wednesday. I wanted to make sure they felt welcome and knew how excited we were to host them (and meet Annie!!!), but I didn't have a ton of time. Once again, the cookie dough saved the day. I had already bought Annie some little winter booties, and we always keep guest-size shampoo and conditioner in the house. So I baked up some cookies, wrapped them in some basic glassine bags, threw them on a tray with some clementines (such a gorgeous and delicious harbinger of winter), added a hand-stamped "For the Road" note, and left it to greet the family on the guest bed when they arrived. I think it worked since the snacks were missing the next morning. Lucky us, the whole family is coming back tomorrow to stay for the weekend. We'll be having our big Thanksgiving dinner then, along with board games, hot coffee, possibly some Christmas tree hunting, and much coohing and oodling over adorable babies (because, as Melissa pointed out, babies do get exponentially cuter when they are together). Do you have any little traditions to help make guests feel special? My friend Dawn always has (homemade!) cinnamon rolls or muffins in the morning. Fresh flowers are always nice. Something as small as a pitcher of cool water on the bedside stand even seems thoughtful, doesn't it? Since it is the time of year when friends and family visit, it seems like now is the time to start thinking about ways we can make our homes extra inviting. What other ideas are out there? P.S. Isn't my mom's handmade quilt in the backround pretty?

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