Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For the Future: Chef Tate

Gale Gand is my favorite pastry chef.  When she was four, she was playing outside making mud pies, and caught the eye of a Life photographer.  The photo he snapped, of Gale sitting in the mud making a pie, made the cover.

Fast forward and Gale becomes a pastry chef.  And she has the picture to prove she started out young.

In light of this story, Zach and I have our own inside joke about taking pictures of Tate, as a baby, doing things that represent a variety of professions, so that no matter what he decides to be when he grows up, we can point to the picture and be like "We always knew you would end up a [fill in the blank here]!!"

In light of this, we started with:  Chef.

Here he is. Chef Tate.

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