Friday, March 25, 2011

Lindy Loves Javi Engagement Party: Part I

Lindy and Javi are getting married!  I was lucky enough to get to travel to New York to co-host their engagement party.  It was such fun, and I am thrilled to share the details with you.

To start with a little background. The party itself had some constraints.  We had a limited budget.  The guest list consisted of almost 90 people. And, since I was planning from afar, everything had to be simple enough to do on-site 24 hours before the party or small enough that I could take it with me on the plane.

Also, some items of note.  Lindy is an author.  Javi grew up in Mexico.  There life together began in New York. 

So.  The first question we had to address was invitations. Because Lindy is a writer, we decided to type the invitations on my vintage Remington typewriter.  The invitations were simple- paperbag cards, typed with the following "lindy loves javi. javi loves lindy. they are getting married! help us celebrate." followed by date, time, location and  RSVP information. 

The night before I went to send them, I had a slight panic attack.  They just looked so... brown.  So at the last minute, I decided to hand-cut some confetti using a 1" round cutter and brightly colored cardstock.  I thought it added just the festive feel we were looking for.

We got a ton of compliments, and one guest even sent this picture after she had opened the invite:
The typewriter came in handy for a bunch of other party-related projects as well, but my favorite of the bunch was definitely the napkins.  I typed them all up before I left to eliminate work when I got there.
Stay tuned- more party details (including our amazing ceiling installation) to come tomorrow!


  1. What a great a idea! I am jealous of your creativity and your old-school typewriter! :) The napkins and invites turned out great!

    -- lindsay

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  3. Love your blog! memory blast again. That cant be the typewriter that my awesome portland writer uncle gave to me to give to you like a million years ago is it??? I am sure that it didnt work so I am assuming its not... but for some reason I got super deja vu looking at that picture :)-Jessica (Strohm)

  4. Jessica- It sure is! Lasted all these years (and I use it all the time!).