Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Be a Princess

What would you do if you were the Princess of Greece?  Perhaps design a gorgeous children's clothing line?  Me too.  And apparently we aren't the only ones, since the actual Princess of Greece has done just that.

I love the fresh, clean, simply, non-logo'd look of Marie Chantal's children's clothing line. Like this:
And this:
And especially this (because stylish boys clothes are so hard to find):
And although I am not an "angel" kind of person, I think that this is so sweet for a baby girl:
You can check out the entire line here (and happy day- the fall/winter collection is 70% off right now! That makes the prices almost within my budget).

P.S.  If I were the Princess of Greece, I would also "holiday", like Marie Chantal is doing with her family, in the stone cottage picture at the beginning of this post.  Sigh.  Don't you wish you were a princess?

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  1. How much would I love to see your son in that crab sweater?