Friday, July 1, 2011

Ooooh... or Ewwww?!

I can't totally understand my own feelings about artist Judith G. Klausner's work.  I am at once intrigued and grossed out.

Can you figure out why?  Believe it or not, the cameo above is carved out of... you guessed it... an Oreo. 

An Oreo cameo.  Strange, isn't it?
I much more genuinely like her other work, in particular the embroidery she does on breakfast food.

Like toast: 
Or cereal:
Not exactly food as art.  But not not food as art.  Kind of food-as-part-art.

Odd.  But strangely captivating.


  1. I can't help but laugh out loud at how disgustingly fascinating these things are. Weirdly, I'm most grossed out by the cereal! Something about a needle getting that close to my food...

  2. I'm impressed by the oreos, but they still gross me out. The creamy center is not something that keeps... is it? I don't have such a visceral reaction to the bread or cereal however, and I find the cereal weirdly charming. The toast largely confuses me--how does one embroider *toast* without destroying it?