Saturday, July 16, 2011

Carla Caruso Jewelry

When I was a little girl, I had a necklace that was a gold cursive "j".  My sister, Lissa, had a matching necklace except it was an "l".  And my mom, Gwen, had a matching "g".

Sadly, I lost it when I was a teenager, but I have thought about that necklace often, and I think it has led to my desire for having a piece of simply jewelry that I can wear every day that is meaningful to me. 

I'm not a fussy jewelry person. I like clean and simple and delicate.  And you know how sometimes you find one designer who just toally gets your sensibilities?  That's how I felt when I discovered Carla Caruso's jewelry.  I love all of it.  I shouldn't be surprised, since she does such beautiful cursive letter necklaces.

Her work is very organic.  Based on natural elements like leaves, or wishbones, or blueberry bushes, or willows.   I think it is stunning.
This one is called "soap bubbles".  Isn't that perfect?
 The mix of metals in her work is really interesting to me...

 This was the first piece of hers I saw in real life, and I love it.  I think about it constantly.  It is just the perfect, simple, small, and utterly feminine necklace, isn't it?

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  1. I am not typically a jewelry person - but I LOVE this designer!!! Especially the very first necklace that you saw. And all of the rings. :) I may have to steer D in the direction of her website!

    -- linds