Thursday, July 14, 2011


We've had a bit of a rough go at summer this year in Portland.  It starts!  With a week of beautiful, sunny, perfect days!  And then- just when you thought summer had finally, really arrived- a week like this happens. Rainy.  Cold.  Gray.  The other night Zach and I were eating bowls of warm beans and broiled cabbage.  In July.  When you should be eating burgers and watermelon.  And it felt strangely, oddly right.  Because it was literally pouring outside.

So we are having to grab summer when we can.  We've been making the most of our sunny weather.  Tate is gardening:
And he's learned how to pick these from the garden:
And enjoys it when we turn them into these Dutch Babies for Sunday breakfast:
We've gone on vacation, where Tate saw bunnies with Grams:
Petted horses with Daddy:
And we all enjoyed Tate's first concert, Modest Mouse.  
 All in all, summer has been pretty good...

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  1. My first concert was Tommy Makem and/or the Clancey Brothers (and/or the Irish Rovers? too young to remember the names), when I was about two. To this day, the Unicorn Song ( still brings me a special joy.

    Tate for the win.

    What recipe do you use for the Dutch Babies?