Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Special Touches

Lindy and Javi are getting married!  In addition to a fantastic excuse for a vacation to Mexico (yay, destination wedding!), I can't wait to see what special touches she comes up with for her celebration.  And they have already begin!  I was utterly moved by the way she asked her sisters to stand with her at her wedding:
Lindy took the time to find vintage handkerchiefs and then hand embroider them as invitations to her sisters to be such an important part of her Big Day.  Isn't that so sweet?  I can only imagine what a beautiful moment it will be for them to walk down the aisle with their handkerchief tucked away...
Once the handkerchief was completed, she made the outside of the envelopes just as special, using caliigraphy and constellations to invite the girls to participate in her own starry night:
I can't wait to see what other wedding surprises Lindy has up her sleeve!

P.S.  Have you read Lindy's blog?  I almost spit out my coffee laughing today over her realization that Neville Longbottom has gotten super, super hot in the latest Harry Potter movies.  It made me laugh, because just this weekend Zach and I watched Deathly Hollows for the first time.  And I too just had this realization.  Ah, best friends.  How minds can be alike despite thousands of miles of distance...

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