Monday, January 19, 2015

A Big Move: Introducing the Series

By Janelle. Photo by Jill.

I've been thinking a lot about how hard our move was and how much I wish I had known before embarking on it. Don't get me wrong- the move was the right decision. But I was (and frankly, continue to be) amazed at how many things would feel hard, and how long it would take us to adjust. I believe that there were some things that, if I had known them before the Big Move, would have helped us feel settled much more quickly.

As I reflected on this, I realized how many amazing women in my life have gone through big moves of their own. And that collectively, we have some amazing knowledge about what it takes to make a big move happen- from the logistics (seriously, how does one move a 130 lb. dog across the country?!) to tips on how to make friends, and decorate your space, and find a place of peace and contentment while you're wondering if you did the right thing.

So I am excited to introduce what I hope will become a weekly series here at O Chickadee, all circling around the themes of big moves (whatever that means). I'll be taking on the first few (I have a lot of thoughts on this topic) but I am hopeful that over time, this series will also become a space for other women to share how they've made big moves work. 

Fingers crossed that over time, all the "lessons learned" will help make someone else's future Big Move that much easier.

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