Monday, January 5, 2015

Artifact Uprising

By Janelle.

You guys. Now that I am back to O Chickadee, I am completely overwhelmed with what to talk about next. I have two years of amazing things stocked up to share with you! How to choose?! This feels like an impossible task. But choose we must.

So. We have to talk about Artifact Uprising. I knew that this year, I wanted to start creating photo albums of the year, featuring the boys. But despite my long-time love of Nations Photo Lab for high-quality photography prints, I had not yet found a source for a photo album that had a look and feel I loved. Too many plastic-ey printed covers. Too many thin pages. Too shiny a finish. So when I stumbled across Artifact Uprising's website, with their thick paper, linen covers with gorgeous photo sleeves, and matte finishes, I decided to give them a try. I ordered one album just to see if I liked the quality in person as much as I did online. I called it The Life of the Boys 2013, knowing that if I liked the quality, I could do the 2014 version next.

I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I was with the quality of the book! It exceeded every expectation I had- the linen cover, the soft jacket, the quality of the printing, the overall lack of shine... I was thrilled!

Add to it the fact that they have a commitment to our environment and had outstanding customer service (I had a minor problem and they replaced my album lickety-split, with no hassle and a completely friendly demeanor), and I was one happy camper.

They have so many other things to love too. Next up on my list (following my soon-to-be-placed order of The Life of the Boys 2014, of course), are the wooden wall calendar, the postcard pack, and the wood block + print.

What do you think? Is Artifact Uprising your style? Or do you like a shinier, brighter quality to your photo albums?


  1. I love this. There's something vaguely Scandinavian about the design aesthetic, which I love. It makes me want to re-do our wedding album!

    1. You're exactly right- there is something spare and Scandinavian about it.Clean.