Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tate is Five: The Activities (Part Two)

We left off yesterday with a handful of happy butterflies. In addition to decorating their masks, I wanted a few other hands-on activities that would add structure to the party and be a lot of fun for a group of pre-schoolers.

Next on the list was decorating butterfly cookies. I set up a table with butterfly cookies, sprinkles, mini M&M's, and disposable piping bags filled with frosting. I thought that the set-up table looked so pretty.

I made the cookies the night before. One great pro tip: If you're doing art or cookie stations like I did, set everything up on individual paper plates. It not only helps the kids figure out where to sit, but it also gives them a vehicle for taking their treats home, and for artwork to dry on. You can even write their name on the plate when they sit down so no one loses track of which cookie is theirs.

The kids made a huge mess with this activity (and consumed a ton of frosting), but it was really fun.
 Even Ames got in on the fun!
Another good tip- once the piping bags are filled, use a rubberband to close them up. This will help prevent little hands from squeezing frosting through the top of the piping bag, making even more of a mess.

The last activity was a really sweet one as well. We gave each child a flower pot (again, all set up on a paper plate), and set the table up with paints and brushes. Each child painted his or her own pot, planted a flower, and added a butterfly. It was beautiful!

Following the activities, the kids ate lunch, we opened presents, ate cake (with a raucous rendition of "Happy Birthday", of course) and then the kids spent the next 20 minutes racing around. The entire party was just over 2 hours, which felt perfect. And each child walked out with a butterfly mask, potted plant, and frosted cookie in lieu of a goody bag. So much fun!

I mentioned yesterday that I think this kind of party, with planned activities, can be inexpensive and easy. All told, I spent about $2.50/child/activity. And the kids had a blast. Another benefit was that the parents had something to do- they helped their children with each activity, getting them involved and providing an opportunity for them to connect with their child.

I feel so lucky that I have such a curious, tender-hearted boy as Tate, one who would see the beauty in butterflies and who would invite his friends to share his happy day with him.


  1. Oh Janelle, it looks so beautiful! What a fun party for Tate to throw and to attend by his friends and friend's parents. I'm sure he will remember it always. Nice work mama!!

    1. Thanks so much, Lissa! We really did have a great day.