Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cloth Diapers = Not Stretchy

Hello there! Today I am hoping that some of you use cloth diapers. We do. But we have reached an impasse, and I need some expertise. First, some background. We started out with Tate using the Bummis cloth diaper system. And we love it. The diapers are so, so absorbent. And they wash up beautifully. And I really love folding them when they are all warm from the drier. But... they don't fit anymore. We bought two sizes- the infant size and the baby size. The infant size worked wonderfully- a little big when Tate was born, but we just folded them over a bit, and it was fine. But the infant size is now, officially, too small (despite our stretching, the way you do with a t-shirt that clings a little too much... You know what I mean, right? Right.) So we tried to move up to the baby size and... well... I couldn't help but laugh. They were HUGE. So big. I don't think we could have fit any of his clothes over the giant, bulky diaper. Truly, I think I could use them as towels. So if you use cloth diapers- any advice? What do you do when you are "between sizes"? P.S. We have also used (and loved!) these Snappi Diaper Fasteners and have faced the same problem. We have had to move up to the "toddler" size to stretch across Tate's adorable and chubby belly, and they are almost too small already... is it true that chunky babies thin down once they learn to crawl and that these fasteners might fit better then? photo via weheartit


  1. We have been using cloth for 2 years . . . I only use ONE SIZE due to this issue. I invested alot of money in our stash and having them fit her from 3 mos to now Toddlerhood has been a Godsend.

    I am now buyign some cloth pull up style diapers to attempt potty learning.

    We use BGs:

    I also use goodmamas - but they are more our home diapers due to needing covers/fleece. Depends on what we have planned for the day.

    Feel free to email me if you need some help.

    I also love the online forum called diaperswappers - I have bought alot used on there.

    (LaVonne's co-worker)

  2. I never used Bummis - but I loved my FuzziBunz One Size for this very reason!

    Also, it's worth noting that you WILL need to go up a clothing size because of the cloth diaper - but you probably already know that! ;)

  3. Thanks Jenny and Heather. That is a HUGE help- who knew they even made one size fits all? I am off to Google FuzziBunz and BG's.

    Also Heather- yes! The cloth diapers take up a lot of room (but we had never had the dreaded blow-out until we used disposable- the extra bulk is worth it!).

  4. Post and let us know what you got and moved onto to.

    I never had blow out issues - unless R is sick w/ a tummy bug. I LOVE cloth!!!