Saturday, September 18, 2010

They Might Be Giants

As soon as I saw Jordan Ferney's post on Babble about They Might Be Giant's new children's cd, Here Comes Science, I knew we had to have it. With a science teacher in the house, how could we resist? So I picked it up last weekend, and have been listening to it with Tate ever since.
It is so much fun. First of all, the science is not dumbed down ("a falling star is not a star, is not a star at all, a falling star's a meteor that's heading for a fall"). My favorite song is definitely "Why Does the Sun Really Shine", which immediately follows "Why Does the Sun Shine". The premise is great- basically, the first song ("Why Does the Sun Shine") gives a widely accepted but not actually scientifically accurate explanation for why the sun shines. So "Why Does the Sun Really Shine" gives the scientifically accurate explanation (with my favorite line of the entire album, "that thesis has been rendered invalid").
So fun! Do you have any good kid or baby music albums? We grew up on Wee See Silly Songs, and I sing those to Tate all the time.

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