Thursday, September 30, 2010

La-La Land

Am in L.A. until next Tuesday, so O Chickadee won't have much action until I get home. But until then (pictures promised), here are a few of my observations being back again: 1. Smog is really brown. I forgot how brown living in Oregon. 2. Oh, how cute people dress. So cute. But also... so much work. I am currently sitting in the hotel bar, having a beer, in my jeans, t-shirt and flats. And have yet to see a woman (at 10:00 PM) in anything less than 3" heels and a skintight dress. They all look gorgeous... but yet... I sigh inside when I think about wearing 3" heels right now. And am happy to be in flats. (Also, want to know a secret? I think I have been checked out by more men in this bar, drinking my beer and watching the football game, than most of the women in heels and tight dresses. Which gives me a smug smile of satisfaction. I wonder what Zach would say if he knew? And generally, I feel happy for us girls that go to bars in LA in t-shirts and jeans and realize that maybe, just maybe, even LA guys like the approachable girl who drinks beer and likes football. Relief for my species.) 3. USC (University of Southern California, my alma mater and greatest university in the history of the world) is truly a special place. I forget when I am not here. But when I am here- oh, how I love it. 4. Traffic is yucky. More to come when I get home! P.S. Five days away from Tate. Five days, people!!!! Am looking at his picture every hour and am desperate for Zach to send me a few more. What if he starts to sit up on his own while I am away? Or forgets about me? I find comfort in the thought that it is important to me that I don't become that crazy mom who doesn't leave her kids until they are 5 years old. So this is healthy. Also- how embarrassing to have to ask a professional colleague for a room to pump in. And then proceed to do so in a conference room called "The California Room", on the floor, hidden by a table skirt also hiding disposable coffee cups. Oh, the things we do for our babes.

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