Saturday, January 22, 2011

Colorful Cakes

My friend Sarah's baby shower was last weekend, and I volunteered to make the cake. She had requested a butterfly theme to celebrate her new baby girl. I went with this:
I loved how colorful it was. I used a vanilla french buttercream on the outside of the cake, and some butterflies I bought when Shannon and I went to Oblation. I attached the butterflies to skewers of different heights, and tada! Done. It reminded me of the rainbow cake I made earlier this summer with Zach's mom and our niece. This one, not so fancy, but very fun.
But my favorite colorful cake of all is this one. Designed for an art party, this cake is so simple. I want to make it really badly- really, I want to throw the whole art gallery party. (I love all the details, like the crayons in the invitation).
This party was featured on Hip Hip Hooray, which, if you are into kid's parties, is the best site ever.
I think my mind is on parties because it is about time to begin planning Tate's first birthday. Can you believe it? Me neither. But it has my mind humming...


  1. I love the way this butterfly cake came out. It has such a sense of flight.

  2. That butterfly cake is stunning! What type of batter did you use for the rainbow cake? I saw a post on one several years ago, and I remember thinking that there seemed to be an emphasis on color over flavor. I know that in your house such a perversion of priorities wouldn't happen, so: how'd ya do it?

  3. Ah, Brigid, you give me too much credit. I believe that this was a officially a cake box and canned frosting cake (which, I'll be honest, I love every once in awhile). That said, if I were baking from scratch, I think I would go with the Cook's Illustrated chiffon cake. The key, I think, for this cake is using gel food coloring as opposed to that watery stuff they sell in the grocery store. Gel makes the color change without affecting the taste.