Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guest Blogger: Shannon McHugh

I distinctly remember the alarm and despair that consumed me when, one evening during our junior year of college, I discovered that Janelle had donated a large bag of her clothing to Goodwill without letting me rifle through it first. My friendship with Janelle has always been marked by a dependence on her mastery of all things sartorial. And though there is much to anticipate when I visit her nowadays in Portland--her warm chocolate cookies, Zach's home-brewed beer, guest room goodies, and now this adorable face--one of my favorite things is still the shopping.
Though we did make some good fashion finds yesterday, the real prize came when Janelle took me to Oblation Papers in the Pearl District:
I love, love, love this map from AM, which is an eighteenth-century rendering of the city of Paris. (I've adored all things French since I began studying the language a few years ago, which is why Janelle thought that this conjugation chart from Smallable would be another perfect addition to my apartment.)
I cannot wait to hang this poster, which is printed on heavy art paper, in my room. I think it's as big as my bed. And the details are so precise!
I know I will spend many a lazy Sunday lying in and staring at my map, picturing myself walking its tiny streets, glancing into its little windows, and wandering its miniature markets.
Shannon McHugh is a doctoral candidate at New York University, studying Italian and romance languages (her statement about "ador[ing] all things French" is a bit of an understatement given that the recently lived there and plans to go back next fall). She speaks multiple languages (including Latin!), is interested in the role of women in Italian medieval Italy (did I get that right, Shannon?), and is both a kindred spirit and sister-of-the-heart.


  1. I love that verb chart, and I'm trying to figure out if I can fit it in my small apartment somehow. Hmm....

  2. I love enlarged, antique-looking maps of European cities. Although I don't speak French, Paris is close to my heart. It IS a great place to wander. :)

    The verb chart is awesome. Wonder if it comes in Spanish!?!?!

    -- lindsay