Thursday, January 27, 2011

Destination Wedding: Mexico!

My best friend Lindy is getting married!  This is exciting for so many reasons, but at the very top of the list is the fact that she is getting married in Mexico.  I know that "wedding in Mexico" leads to images of wedding on a beach, but Lindy and her fiance Javi are more interested in looking into haciendas. 

So being the selfish selfless friend I am, I have taken it upon myself to spend an inordinate amount of time online searching for hacienda weddings in Mexico.  Who knew that there were so many gorgeous, non-beachy locations for a wedding in Mexico?  My favorites have mostly come from photographer Elizabeth Medina.  I invite you to take a few moments and dream yourself to Mexico with me...


  1. Hi!! amazing photographs! Where is the first one taken? Is it an hacienda? Loved it! gorgeous place!

  2. Hey you have shared amazing photographs here. You know I also got married at Seattle convention center and it was a destination wedding. My friend did all arrangements for decoration and he booked venue from online at cheap prices.