Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Blanket Solution

When you have a giant dog, dog hair is a constant issue. Mesa sheds so, so much. I remember when she was a puppy and someone came up to us once asking if she was a Newfoundland. When we said yes, she said "I used to have a newfie! He died 10 years ago and I still find his hair around the house!" At the time, I thought this was gross. What kind of woman was this? Did she never clean?

And then Mesa grew up and now I totally, completely understand. Her. hair. is. everywhere. It is a constant chore to keep up with it, and it infiltrates everything in our home.

Especially blankets.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is cuddle up on the sofa. But inevitably, our throws, which I would like to think would always be causally and attractively tossed over the sofa, ended up on the floor, turned into a tent, and generally mistreated. The byproduct being they were always covered in dog hair.

I needed a solution that kept the blankets off the floor but still kept them close by and accessible for snuggling. I wanted the kids to be able to reach them. And I wanted the solution to be attractive.

Cue the pipes. Stealing a page out of the Anthro design playbook, I asked Zach to buy steel pipes and flanges to create hanging rods for our throws. They are right next to the sofa. They keep our blankets in great shape because, unlike hooks, they are wide enough that the weight of the blanket hanging doesn't stretch the blankets out of shape. And I like the industrial quality they bring to the living.

What do you think? Too much for an actual house? Or interesting design element? Would you ever introduce something so industrial to your space?


  1. These turned out amazingly! We have a similar problem, so this is something to think about for our new living room...