Thursday, January 8, 2015

Freezing (literally)

By Janelle.

Today was so cold. -20 degrees when we woke up. I think I spent less than 10 minutes total outside today. Needless to say, Mesa was the only one who truly enjoyed it.

That said, the boys were pretty adorable too.

We started the day with a 2-hour delay for Zach, hot coffee, and warm (but messy!) oatmeal for the boys.

Bundling up was absolutely necessary.

Coincidentally, I leave tomorrow for Florida for a conference. So strange to be packing warm-weather clothes in the midst of an arctic blast. 


  1. Mesa! It has been so long since we have seen you! Looking great girl. I think Tilly would like to have a snow play date with you. Janelle - the pics of the boys bundled up are adorable.

  2. Oh my, Kendra, Mesa LOVES the snow. She rolls her entire body in it and then tracks it all into the house. I imagine Tilly does the exact same thing!