Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gifts for a new mom

Fingerprint necklace Another fingerprint necklace I have to admit that I hate, loathe and despise the idea of a "Push Present". Made popular by celebrities, (and with possibly the grossest name ever), Push Presents seems like yet another marketing ploy designed to get you to spend even more money in the pursuit of making having a baby The. Most. Important. Thing. Ever. Not that it isn't important! huge! life-changing! but in my opinion, the ultimate push present is getting to meet your new baby. Am I right, friends? Plus, not unlike the wedding industry, the baby industry can begin to feel like a bit of a racket. That said, I do think that something special to commemorate a new baby is a beautiful idea, especially if it is something you can hold on to. Like the fingerprint necklaces above, which could be so sweet with a fingerprint of your new little one. Here are a few of my other favorites. This necklace by Jeanine Payer. It is an antique photo of a baby, with hand-painted gold angel wings. You can select the poetry you want inscribed on the back. Such a beautiful sentiment: This collection of charm bracelets and necklaces. All gold and silver, you can add to it over time and make it into a lifelong keepsake. My favorite charm is the compass. You could have it inscribed with so many lovely sentiments. One idea I like especially is to feature the coordinates where your baby was born, or of your current home where your new baby will grow up... What about you, friends? Any gifts for new moms you would recommend?

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