Monday, February 22, 2010

Non-Nursery Room Nursery Room Furniture

I love the idea of non-nursery room furniture in the nursery. Things that can grow and adapt as your child grows seems so appealing. While my mom was visiting, we snatched up this piece from Pottery Barn for an incredible bargain. When we saw it, we immediately thought "drawings!". Unlike its original purpose (which was a photo display), it seemed perfect for a little boys room- to hang his drawings, clip leaves he collects out on nature walks, to hold seasonal decorations (I already have visions of the University of Southern California pennant that we can clip to it during college football season). For now, we are using it to display some of the congratulation cards we received when we announced we were pregnant. I think the idea of displaying art in an unusual (and organized) way in a nursery is very appealing. Other ideas- what about a red grosgrain ribbon draped across the wall with wooden clothespins displaying drawings and photographs? Or a row of old-fashioned wooden clipboards hung by nails across the nursery room wall? In other non-nursery nursery ideas, this one comes from Zach. Are you familiar with Tibetan prayer flags, friends? Featuring different prayers, the flags come in a variety of colors, and I love the idea of swagging them across the ceiling of a nursery. Traditionally, the flags are hung outside, and the belief is that the wind carries the prayers through the mountains and down to the people. Such a beautiful perspective. Wouldn't it be nice to have your baby showered with prayers every morning?

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  1. I love this idea so much -- I think it's such a great way to incorporate something that's colorful and also very meaningful into the room.