Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not Done Yet (but close!)

In an attempt to finally have a real grown-up bedroom that will (hopefully) turn into a relaxing retreat once the baby comes, Zach and I have been working away to actually infuse personality and furniture into our bedroom. This has included new bedding (with European shams and a bedskirt- no more mattress sitting on top of a metal bed frame!), curtains, and most wonderful of all, bookcases. I wanted to do a whole wall of bookcases. So even though our grown-up room is not done yet, and even though the bookcases still have a ways to go (I still need baskets to put along the bottom shelves, and I want to get some silver picture frames, and our wedding picture that is sitting on my desk at work is coming home to be added), this is what we have so far. We decided to arrange the books by color, which I love and turned out better than I expected. Who knew I had so many books in the purple, gray and green color families? I think my favorite section is the yellow, followed closely by the pink/red/orange spectrum. I enjoy the green section too. I like it because it feels less visually overwhelming to me than a whole wall of books with jumbled colors (albeit perhaps not as practical. The concessions we make to aesthetics). How about you, friends? Would you ever arrange your books by color, or are you a purely alphabetical-by-author kind of organizer? In other news, this was Saturday morning's breakfast: Mom's very best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins. Yum.


  1. As you know, I love organizing the books by color and have followed your lead. But here's my concern: What happens when you add new books? That's where the asthetic organization gives me pause. Right now, we are planning to put overflow books upstairs, and I suppose with time we could move some of the more boring white and black ones up there...

  2. @ OMG: We acatually left some shelf space to add new books, but as of yet, haven't had to do it. Is it wrong to admit that from now on, when I buy new books, I am going to be checking the color of the spine to see if its a color we need?

    On an aside- I actually really like the black and white sections of our bookcases, so it might be worth it to give them a try.

    Also, we do have a bookcase in the guest bedroom which is not organized by color. This is where the non-matching books are currently stored.