Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Slipcover? Really?

Zach and I need a new sofa. The hand-me-down that was so generously given to us when we bought our house has seen its last day. Stuffing is now visible from every single couch cushion. Which leads to the burning question: to slipcover or not to slipcover? Mesa With Mesa (our big, hairy, loveable newfoundland) as part of the family, and a baby on the way, a slipcover makes so much sense, doesn't it? Baby spit-up on the sofa? Throw the slipcover in the wash. Stain won't come out? No need to buy a new sofa, just replace the slipcover. PLUS slipcovers can be used seasonally, so during Christmas I can put on a charcoal gray slipcover with red accent pillows, or a white slipcover with blue pillows or ...!... the possibilities are endless! But stylistically, I have never loved the messy, undone, french country look of slip-covered sofas. So we set out on a hunt for a tailored, slip-covered sofa that wasn't too messy looking and that fit our budget. Of course, the sofas I love the most are well outside what we could afford. But they are pretty to look at. I love this one. You really can't appreciate it unless you see it in person- the beautiful linen of the slipcover, the shape of the arms, the depth and curve of the seat. It is a beautiful piece. I also love these two from Lucca & Co.: In the end, we decided on this sofa, which fits us, our home, and our budget: I love a lot of things about this design. First, although the shape of it is pretty traditional (curved arms are not my fave), the piping on the slipcover and the white band make it feel very not-slipcovery. Also, the fact that it has 3 cushions instead of just 2 like more traditional sofas. Plus, it came in a variety of neutral fabrics, which seem durable and substantial. And let's not forget the reasonable price, friends. We ended up buying it in chocolate brown, with white piping. I think the contract will look beautiful in our livingroom, and I plan to liven it up with pillows. The best thing of all? Chocolate brown should hide much of Mesa's hair, and if not- I can whip the slipcover off, wash it, and voila! Such practicality! I feel redemption coming from our impractical pirate ship purchase.

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