Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Cate!

Our good friends Neil and Lisa celebrated their daughter, Cate's, first birthday this weekend. Although I had to miss the party (Zach manfully represented the Holmboe's, bringing this book , which has the most amazing illustrations, as a gift and trying not to be the creepy single guy at the little girl's birthday party), her celebration did get me to start thinking about little girl parties. Obviously, I won't be throwing any of these soon, but it is fun to imagine. And my friend Melissa is due with her first baby (a little girl!) in June, so little girl party planning will be happening in the near future, albeit from a distance. I love these party hats for a little girl's party, don't you? They fulfill every little girl's fantasy, being bright and feathery and glittery, without actually being princessy in nature. www.laylagrace.com www.laylagrace.com www.laylagrace.com Also, Saint Cupcake, one of my favorite cupcakeries here in Portland, is now selling cupcakes online! For delivery! So you can celebrate little girl parties all over even if you can't be there yourself. I love the package design... www.saintcupcake.com And the cupcakes look delicious, don't they? Trust me, they taste delicious too. And when you order online, you can pick the types of cupcakes, and the types of frosting, and even the types of sprinkles! The receiver of your thoughtful gift then gets to decorate the cupcakes themselves. A perfect activity for a little birthday girl (or boy. or grown up, for that matter). www.saintcupcake.com Cate, we hope you had a great birthday, cake and all!

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