Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lines Ever since I saw these handdrawn, pen and ink city maps, I can't stop thinking about them. Black and white lines seem so insignificant, don't they? Then you see them reinterpreted in a meaningful way by an artist, and tada! A map of Rome... From a distance, it is hard to tell they are even lines. It is such a neat graphical piece of art, don't you think? There are maps for most major cities, including Paris, Amsterdam, Manhattan... and I am sure you could get your city made custom if it isn't already available. In other O Chickadee news, it has been a busy weekend filled with much handmade love. Will update tomorrow with shower pics and news, and other loving handmade gifts that Zach and I have been lucky enough to receive lately. For now, settling in with a movie and letting challah sit out overnight for french toast tomorrow.

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