Saturday, February 12, 2011

And now...

It's time for gratuitous pictures of Tate because I can't resist. He finished up swim lessons last week, and even got to go down the big slide with Daddy. Swim lessons were great- highly recommended!

Do you see the yellow blur?  That is Tate (in his life-jacket) as he and Zach hit the water at the end of the (two story!) twisty slide. They went down twice.  I was jealous.  Who doesn't love a twisty water slide? 

P.S.   Any photographers out there?  How do you get good action shots?  I swear, more than 90% of the pictures I took are completely blurry...

1 comment:

  1. Several things I like about this post:

    1. That first picture of Tate looking up at the camera. You can see his little personality shining through. I find the transition from "baby" to "little person" to be a fascinating development, and I like that you can the little person that Tate is turning into in that first picture.

    2. What is going on in the first two pictures? It looks like Tate is OWNING the pool. Like, "Hey, that's right, I can rock this pool without any adult supervision. Yeeeeah." I was happy to see him in a life jacket in the third pic, because honestly, it assured me that he is human and not endowed with superhuman swimming ability. Though I fully support him joining the long line of superhuman Trojan Swimmers a la Lenny Krayzelburg.

    3. Swimming lessons in general. I'm so behind early childhood swim lessons. Swimming--or at least being comfortable in the water--is an important skill to have, and it's so much easier for kids to learn when they're little kids, before they've developed a fear of the the water (or say, before they watch the horrible drowning scene in "White Squall").