Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day Wrap-Up

Did you have a nice Valentine's Day?  We did.  It was fun but hectic.  I had spent the last few weeks trying to decide how we were going to celebrate- I wanted to do something inexpensive but festive.  I started out with poms from pomlove hanging from the ceiling fan.  Simple.  But fun nonetheless.

I followed this up with a "clothesline of love" for Zach down the hallway. *This was easy: I criss-crossed red and white bakers twine down the hallway (I used pushpins to hold it against the wall).  Then I used mini-clothespins to pin up heart-shaped love notes to Zach (notes that I typed on my vintage, 1930's Remington typewriter, a gift from a friend in high school- great gift, huh?). 

As far as food goes, I had grand plans of cooking a delicious dinner.  After a busy day, those plans went out the window.  So we had pizza.  And champagne.  While we sat in front of the absolutely gorgeous bouquet Zach bought me.  Perfect.  And remember the dessert I made last year?  It was such a hit, we had a repeat performance this year.  Yum.

But my favorite, favorite part of the day was, ironically, the one thing I hadn't planned.  Ever since I read this post on Hip Hip Hooray, I have been thinking about confetti.  So when I realized that I had some extra tissue paper (what the poms had been wrapped in for shipping), I decided to make some.  I cut long strips into confetti:

And then I surreptitiously stacked little piles on top of the ceiling fan blades** so that I could grab Zach, stand under the poms, turn the ceiling fan on... and for a split second, we would be surrounded with red and pink confetti.  Perfect for kissing under.
Happily, Zach didn't notice the little piles, so he had no idea what to suspect when I made him stand up with me, and turned the fan on... tada! It worked perfectly! I did a trial run- here's a pic so you can see for yourself.
It was just a few seconds, but it was a perfect few seconds. 

I am so lucky to have Zach as my Valentine.  I hope your day was also filled with perfect moments.
*Warning #1- you are likely to walk into the clothesline about a million times between 10 am and 5 pm (when your valentine gets home).

** Warning #2: if you ever decide to pile anything on top of ceiling fan blades, be aware that the top of ceiling fan blades are absolutely disgusting.  It took almost an hour to just get the layers and layers of dust off the blades.  Not fun.

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  1. I just ordered a bright mix of poms for Annie's first birthday party!