Monday, February 21, 2011

I Heart Foodzie

I love Of-the-Month clubs.  Just the idea of them, getting something every month.  I especially love the idea if that monthly item is food.  So for Christmas this year, I got Zach (and also my sister and brother-in-law) this awesome of-the-month club from the company Foodzie.  Have you heard of Foodzie yet?  It is an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers.  So basically, you know all those amazing, artisan food products sold at places like Williams-SonomaFoodzie takes those artisan products straight from the producer, essentially cutting out the middle-man.

Each month, they have what they call a "tasting box".  The tasting box is filled with sample sizes of about 6-9 different artisan food products from all over.  Past tasting boxes have included artisan salts, cupcakes, pretzels, granola... mmmm... Are you getting hungry yet?  The best part is if you end up wanting to buy any of the products in your tasting box, you get them at a discount.  It is a fantastic way to learn about specialty products from across the country.

Anyway, our February box just came, filled with delicious chocolates, truffled popcorn,brownies, caramels, and other delicacies (my favorite so far are the NutC Sweet and Spicy Walnuts. So good.  Go here and scroll down to see everything in our February box).

But what is so impressive to me about the Tasting Boxes, in addition to the food, of course, is the design.  It is packaged so beautifully- each box is accompanied by a menu of sorts, telling you what you are tasting and a little bit about the producer.  Such fun.
P.S.  I keep thinking that this is the perfect gift for my friend Brigid, but since she is vegetarian, many of the items (like the beef jerky in last month's box) might be wasted.  Perhaps they need a vegetarian tasting box?!

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