Monday, February 7, 2011

Musings of the Birthday Party Variety

Tate's birthday is in just 2 months.  Two months!  This means that planning needs to begin now.  But I am completely, utterly stymied.  And the plan just won't come together in my mind.  I hate this feeling, because when you plan a party, I feel like there should be some vision of that party in your head.  And this one just won't come.  Perhaps because I am putting too much pressure for it to be something special (it is a first birthday, after all).  But I am also conflicted because back when I was pregnant, before Zach and I knew how totally head-over-heels in love you fall with your baby, we had joked about crazy first birthday parties that kids don't even remember.  And we had talked about how we were going to host a "we survived!", adults-only celebration with cocktails and no kiddie games in sight.

But now I am rethinking that plan.

But if we had a kids party,  I am troubled over who to invite... how many kids... and the fact that most of our friends kids are quite a few years older than Tate.  And that Tate won't remember.

So than I think we should just have a family dinner and call it a day.  But where's the fun in that?

You see how ridiculous this is all becoming?  I think I am going to have to shut my brain down by watching The Bachelor.  In the meantime, whichever way I go, I am loving these invitations by Simplicity Papers.

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  1. I'm finding the fun of party planning enhanced by plotting a joint birthday party with my friend Abby -- our girls are only a month apart. We're going to have the party on the Saturday before Mother's Day (falls right in between the girls' birthdays) and have corsages and/or tiaras for all the mothers in attendance. We were just browsing invitation options today . . . so fun!