Sunday, April 25, 2010


It has been warm and sunny here lately, and the spring weather has encouraged Mom and I to take Tate out and about. He has had a few adventures, and so far has approached them with what we have come to expect from him, his typical curious-but-calm nature. On one of our outings, Mom and I went baby clothes shopping at a local Portland boutique, Duck Duck Goose and we came across the most adorable French clothing line, Catimini. Have you heard of this clothing line, friends? Apparently, they are one of the most established French children's line. We ended up buying this adorable outfit, among others:
The details on the clothes were extraordinary. Bright linings, little zipper details, french sayings... The boy clothes were so boyish, and the girl clothes were so girly, and all felt so youthful and fun but still stylish and sophisticated.
I mean, truly, how cute are these dresses?
I have a feeling that Tate will be wearing quite a bit of Catimini as he gets older!

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