Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Timi & Leslie and WilloToons, oh my!

I have been on a hunt for a stylish diaper bag. This has been harder than it sounds, so to date, I am still using an over-the-shoulder bag borrowed from a friend, who had dropped off some baby clothes in it a few months ago. The many diaper bags out there are really bulky, or too brightly colored, or made out of a stiff material that isn't appealing. I don't want a diaper bag that screams "diaper bag", but at the same time, I do want the convenience of an actual diaper bag- one that comes with the travel wipe carrier, and changing mat, and all the other accessories that accompanies a real, true, honest-to-goodness diaper bag. After months of searching, I think I may have finally found my bag. It is by the company Timi & Leslie. Have you heard of this company? I hadn't, but was recently introduced to it and was pleasantly surprised by the design of the bags, and the reasonable prices. I think this is the one I am going to get:
My only concern is that it is made of faux leather. I know that real leather can be controversial, but I love it- so soft and squishy. My concern is that the faux leather might be plastic-ey. But I may give it a try and will report back.
Here are a few more of the Timi & Leslie designs...
One more adorable thing to share- Brigid, a good friend of mine, just sent us the cutest bib from a new-to-me company called WilloToons. Self-proclaimed as a company "where geek meets rock 'n roll", there are some adorable baby items. The bib we were gifted with featured WilloToons "rock squirrel" (I mean really, how cute is this?!?):
Shopping on this website is much fun, since there are many cute designs. Check these out:
The company is completely organic and eco-conscious, which means you can feel good about buying it. And in addition to baby stuff, you can buy matching gear for Mom and Dad. So much fun! Thanks Brigid, for the WilloToons gear- Tate (and Mom and Dad) love it!


  1. I'm so glad you like the bib! And oh my, how cute is the nerdling onesie?

  2. Did you buy the bag yet? I joined HauteLook and they have them on SUPER sale:


    Just in case :)