Friday, April 23, 2010

Cereal Couture?

I am totally intrigued by the concept behind the cereal company [me]&goji. Referred to as cereal couture, three college friends created the concept of personalized cereal. Focusing on high quality, earth-friendly ingredients, you can completely customize your own breakfast. You start with a cereal base, which varies from granola to "healthy hoops" to muesli, and then add in your own favorites. Extra ingredients include goji berries (of course, but they even have chocolate covered ones!), strawberries, macadamia nuts, wheat germ, corn flakes, cherries and many, many more. This seems like such fun, and I can imagine how kids would be more likely to eat healthy cereal if they got to design it themselves (and you can even have the kids picture put on the cereal canister!). I have to admit that it is rather expensive (it is couture, remember?) and some of the add-ins seem not quite breakfastey to me (cocoa almonds, for example), so I think if I try it I will be more likely to pack it in a baggie as a snack for lunch, as opposed to with milk for breakfast. But either way, I love the idea of healthy eating with all natural ingredients, cereal that really fills you up and gets you set for the day. How about you, friends? Would you give [me]&goji a try?


  1. I do love the concept, but I must admit to being more enthused about executing the concept rather more economically in my own kitchen . . . I made a few batches of granola last weekend, and I do love the flexibility of cereals. You really can bake or throw in at the end whatever strikes your fancy . . . coconut, pecans, dried fruit, etc. The best batch I made had toasted pistachios in it!


  2. Hi Meliss,

    I agree that homemade granola is delicious. Zach makes it often and I find myself munching on it all day. And it is much more economical than [me]&goji for sure!


  3. The concept is great, and the packaging almost makes me want to buy it . . . and they have GF which I always look for for my Mommy :) But the pricey is too much.

    I'd rather try to make a somewhat unfancy batch myself.