Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and to celebrate I wanted to post some of my favorite pieces by artist Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy is an amazing artist. He goes out into nature and creates sculpture using only natural materials. When I look at the photographs of his work, I almost find it hard to believe that they are real. But they are. Painstakingly done, he completes the piece and immediately takes a photograph. Some of his installations take weeks to complete and only last a short time. Isn't this amazing? These are goose feathers:
Aren't his creations beautiful? Isn't is inspiring to see the elements that Mother Nature can provide to him, and how he reinterprets them into art? It's such a nice way to celebrate planet Earth.
In other Earth-Day-appropriate news, a friend recently brought the website Cosa Verde to my attention. Much like Etsy, it is an online community and store of handmade goods from independent artists. But here's the twist: all the goods on the site are sustainably produced; the site focuses on organic, cruelty-free goods. Recycled materials are featured heavily, like these banners made from receycled hymn book pages:
Products that we can all feel good about buying on Earth Day!

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  1. It turns out Nick loves this artist as well, and there's a really cool work of his at the National Gallery. We'll have to go next time you visit!